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Violin Bridge Necklaces

I was approached a few months ago by the lovely Michele to create some pieces for her violin students that were headed off to college this fall.  She was looking to make violin bridge necklaces.  Now, what exactly is a violin bridge?  It is an arched piece of material, generally constructed out of wood which holds the strings of an instrument above the fingerboard.  They also aid in transferring the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard in order to produce an audible sound.

Out of all of the violins and violas, and guitars I’ve seen in my life I’ve never noticed this piece.  So, I had Michele send me over some pictures to get me acquainted what I would be making. As soon as I saw pictures of the bridges I knew that I was going to love working on this project! I found a couple really great examples of different bridges for the proposed design of the necklaces.  Michele chose which one she liked best and requested that I make two more necklaces, one for her to have and another for a friend.

Violin Bridge 1

Violin Bridge Necklace

photo 2

photo 1

Michele was kind enough to do a little e-mail interview with me after the pieces were completed. I thought it would be fun to feature not only my projects, but also give the spotlight to customers who inspire these projects.

How long have you been playing the violin?

M: I’ve been playing since I was 5 or six… So about 30 years.

What is your current profession?

M: I’m a public school elementary orchestra teacher- and I also maintain a small private studio. Two of my students just graduated high school and both are going on to study music. I’ve known/taught both girls since they started in 4th grade with me, so I wanted to do something special for them.

What is your favorite piece to perform?

M: Wow, that’s a tough question. I think that the very best way to experience Shostakovich’s 5th symphony is to be playing it, so I’ll say that. Even if you can’t be right in the middle of that piece, it’s pretty awesome, though. Check it out, with good headphones. It is truly epic. I also love playing the pit orchestra for West Side Story- the music is just perfect.

Do you play any other instruments? 

M: I had to learn all sorts of instruments in college- but the ones I play on a regular basis are violin, viola, cello and bass. I also have a wee bit of piano and ukulele.

When you aren’t playing the violin or teaching, what else do you enjoy doing? 

M: All sorts of things! Knitting (which I admittedly have not picked up in a while) cooking, baking, travel and I spend a huge amount of time doing local theater.

What music/bands are you currently listening to right now? 

M: Haha I am so not current! I love the Beatles, so they always make it into rotation. I have been listening to The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee cast album a lot because I just started rehearsals for a production of it (the music is really funny) and I’m liking Sia’s new album-  it’s more ‘pop’ than I usually listen to but it’s fun for the summer.

You can check out the Quartet that Michele plays with at www.dorianquartet.com